If you have a technical issue then then please check and post on the forum, or you can write to us.

Q: Help! I am stuck!
A: Some users find Eufloria to easy and some find it too hard. However, you can ask for help on our forum, and you can also skip levels by going to the Options menu and choosing Unlock Features/Levels. The numbers there refer to the Story Mode Chapters.

Q: Help! I have a technical problem!
A: The first thing is to check the support forum for Eufloria HD or Eufloria Classic. If you can’t find your answer  than either post a message there, or contact us.

Q: Do you have a Demo?
A: Android Google Play Store users can download a Eufloria HD Demo from here. There is also an old demo on Steam but this is quite different from Eufloria HD and will be updated when we update Steam in 2013.

Q: Do you have a Press Pack?
A: You can download it here.

Q: How would you describe Eufloria?
A: Rudolf once described it as Space Gardening! Other than that, it’s an RTS game that anyone can play, casual or hardcore gamers. Give it a chance – you may be surprised how addictive it is.

Q: What an odd game!
A: Odd it may be, but as of March 2013, Eufloria has sold over 500,000 copies! Not bad for a Space Gardening game :)

Q: Explain the difference between Eufloria and Eufloria HD?
A: The original Eufloria was developed in C# for PC, and was released on various stores including Steam. It was then rewritten in C++, with many enhancements, and released on PSN. The iPad version was based on the PSN build, but was further enhanced and significantly polished up for new audiences. This became known as Eufloria HD.

Q: I bought the original version. Can I get a free upgrade to Eufloria HD?
A: Anyone who bought the game direct from us or from Steam can get a free upgrade. Steam users will be offered it automatically. Other users should contact us with proof of purchasing from this website.

Q: What platforms is Eufloria available on?
A: At this time it is available in some form on PC, Mac, Linux, PSN, iOS, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. There is also a Japanese version on PlayStation Mobile.

Q: How does Dyson relate to Eufloria?
A: Dyson was the prototype version of Eufloria. It was not so much a demonstration version but our old Independent Games Festival showfloor demo.

Q: Eufloria’s Origin and Recognition
A: An earlier version of the game called Dyson was developed for the TIGSource Procedural Game Competition. It was originally partly inspired by the work of theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson, and has been available as a freeware exploration of procedural gameplay. Freeman Dyson hypothesized a terraforming tree that would help exploit and colonise asteroid fields, and has written frequently about self-replicating autonomous robots. A further inspiration was the work of Phillip K. Dick (Especially the story Autofac, about a never ending war) and people like Karl Simms, one of the trailblazers in the field of evolutionary AI.

An interview with Rudolf produced this quote about the origins of the game:

“Well, it was a combination of factors. I always wanted to do a procedural asteroid mining game, and Alex was already working on procedural stuff for his game Deadrock. Alex suggested we inverted the gameplay so instead of creating things inside asteroids we “grow” them on the outside. The floral theme was added, and Alex came up with the look.“

The game later adopted a commercial dimension, and to reflect this reality the game’s name changed to Eufloria, then Eufloria HD in its most recent incarnation, chosen out of 400 entries offered in a renaming competition. The name changes partly came to be because the game had grown so far beyond the original release that it made more sense to introduce it as a separate title.

Unlike most games, Eufloria has been iteratively developed. With each new platform, more has been added to the game and the level of polish has increased.

The fully independently developed game was an Independent Games Festival finalist and the festival’s Grand Prize and Direct2Drive Vision award nominee. It has garnered a large and loyal online following, and many rave reviews in various publications for its earlier incarnations. The original Eufloria had a thriving modding community that regularly came up with amazing new content for the game. Eufloria HD, once released in final form, will contain new modding options.

The game was also selected for the Tokyo Game Show – Sense of Wonder Night, where we presented some aspects of the game in this ten minute talk.

It was on iOS in 2012 where the game really came into its own, being Apple’s Game of the Week, and where it garnered more praise than we ever dared hope for. Eufloria was even nominated for a BAFTA in 2012, and we hope that the game will continue to entertain and surprise people.