The Eufloria HD – DAILY GIVEAWAY – Part 3

What’s It All About Then!?
Eufloria is an incredibly accessible strategy and exploration game; Explore and conquer asteroids in space with huge colonies of flowers. Easy.

Yet, that does not tell you much about the game at all really, beyond the superficial. Eufloria and its inspirations are not that easy to explain in depth. Abstract terraforming? Ambient gameplay? Floral colonies? Autonomous self replicating automata?? WHAT THE DICKENS??

So in light of that, when we were asked to give a presentation as participants in the Tokyo Game Show, Sense of Wonder Night “, we felt somewhat challenged (in a delightful way). We knew of the event already, as it shines a light on some of the most interesting and progressive games out there, so we were honoured to participate. We only had ten minutes to do the entire presentation though, including time for questions and Japanese translation. WHICH IS TOUGH.
Have a look:

Well, we did our best, it went quite well, but we still only managed to scratch the service. Still, it is the only detailed video out there. :-)  ANECDOTE: That quacking sound on the video? That was made by 300 people in the audience shaking their “Piko Piko” stick every time they felt a sense of wonder. (Piko Piko quacks loudly when shaken)
It was rather disarming.


Power To Da Point!
Too bad the picture quality is so poor right? Luckily we still have have the source files, which is part of today’s Daily Giveaway: The full power-point presentation and the written script we had to give to the Japanese translator. It may be of use to some of you out there.


The Ramblings of a Madman
We decided to enter some competition for mobile games a while ago, and in order to qualify we had to record a video explaining the game, to the judges. The file had to be insanely small however, and should not be a “marketing video” . This resulted in a rambling Low Rez chat under dire lighting conditions, but is kind of fun as well in its lack of pretension. Have a peek below to find the download link. (We never got nominated)

Details Details
As I said before, these presentation still only cover some of the game’s influences and mechanics, and frankly, we would have to talk for hours to go into all the big and little details that went into making the game. (I would not mind actually, I LOVE talking about the game)

We have a press kit that goes into a fair amount of detail however. So far we only made it available to the press, but that seems like a missed opportunity, so we decided to add that to today’s giveaway as well. It has loads of background info, screenshots, inspirations, mugshots (MUAHAHA) you name it. Have a peek if you want to know more.

So, here are today’s giveaways! (Please spread the word!)

File 1: SOWN Power Point Presentation + Script (Zip, 162 megs)
File 2: Competition X – Eufloria presentation video (.avi, 32 megs)
File 3: Press Kit (.zip, 40 megs)

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