The Eufloria HD – DAILY GIVEAWAY – Part 2

All Hail the Mighty Milieu!
One of the key ingredients of Eufloria is its wonderful soundtrack. Our friend and genius composer Brian Grainger, working under his moniker “Milieu” has created an aural experience that is so intertwined with the game that we recently received an audio award for it.

Do yourself a favour and check out his EXTENSIVE back catalogue.


Give The Gift of Music
To celebrate the audio quality of Eufloria we decided to make today’s giveaway about this wonderful music. Brian gave us permission to give away one of his tracks, and we picked one of the new ones he has created especially for the iPad release!
So, here is the WORLD PREMIERE of one of the tracks of the Eufloria HD OST, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. (Too many caps?)

Personally I think this is a wonderful track. It brings to mind shades of early Autechre, but it remains a Milieu and Eufloria track through and through.


Loop De Loop!
There is more however. We used one of his menu loops to accompany the Eufloria presence on the PS3 menu bar, and received so much positive email about it that we decided to give that away too. (We recorded it looping for a few minutes and also provided a seperate wav with the loop region defined within the file)

Once again, please enjoy the Eufloria HD Daily giveaway, and if you feel generous about it spread the news of our game and its impending iPad release!

• Free Track 1: Mother Tree (mp3), and as a .Zip
• Free track 2: XMB Loop recorded for a few minutes 
• The original loop as a wav file (loop region defined) – Loop


  1. Joe
    Posted 07/02/2012 at 23:52 | Permalink

    So when will the Mac version be done?

  2. Posted 08/02/2012 at 03:44 | Permalink

    I love the style of these soundtrack.

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