Lost save progress after 2.06 update on Steam

On Monday, an irrevocable error was introduced into the Steam version of Eufloria which means that everyone who downloaded the game via that platform will have their saved level progress deleted when they next update. The update will be delivered via Steam automatically, in most cases, as that is the default option in the Steam Library. For some users, this will be the third time that their progress will have been reset, but it will be the last time, we promise.

If you are in the unlikely situation of reading this and of not yet having updated the game via Steam, please follow the instructions here to back up your save data in advance of your next Steam update. If you are not a Steam user, you can ignore all of this. You should be fine.

Firstly, we would like to extend our most sincere apologies to anyone affected by this. We are sorry you have all lost your progress, and we understand that it is upsetting and that you may never play Eufloria again, or worse still, tell people to avoid games we make in the future. This absolutely was not intentional, and we have no idea how the error was introduced. We are just as upset by it as you are.

Secondly, we should point out that any achievements you got will be preserved. And Eufloria has an an unlocking menu that allows you to unlock any part of the game you wish to play right from the beginning. So if you do not wish to play through the levels that you already completed, you can skip to the one you were on with ease. See Rudolf’s post here for more.

It is easy to make blame the starting point in a situation like this. Something disastrous happens and almost instinctively, lashing out, the first thing you think is “Whose fault is it? Who can I blame?” Partly of course this comes from a desire for absolution – one doesn’t want something like this to be one’s own fault – but there is a darker, self-righteous side that doesn’t believe it could be at fault and wants to see some justice occur. It’s not restricted to us; we’ve seen plenty of people in the last day-and-a-half who have publicly or privately vented their feelings about this, in anger apportioning blame to various parties based on a foundation of assumption. Totally understandable.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what happened before the event. The cold fact is that tens of thousands of saved games are about to be destroyed and there is literally nothing that I or anyone else, even Valve, can do to prevent that occurring. Believe me, I wish there were a way to reduce the damage, or even repair it. I stayed up last night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open trying to find a way to fix it in between apologising to people and posting updates to the Steam forum, only to find in the end that there was no way it could be fixed. I had thought that the damage could be repaired, and produced a version of the game that I was sure would fix the problem and restore people’s progress, but it was no good. Everyone was going to lose their progress no matter what I did.

We are currently taking the only actions that remain available to us:

  • Apologise to everyone we can as much as we can;
  • Attempt to limit the damage by informing the few people who might be in a position to rescue their save data before it is lost how to do so;
  • Work to prevent something like this occurring in the future;
  • Be positive.

Thank you for bearing with us and please try not to be angry with us.

Alex and Rudolf

P.S. for those of you who are upset that the game is now a bit faster-paced, we are working on an update that will fix that for you, enabling you to go back to the way the game was before this new update.


  1. Hane
    Posted 01/12/2010 at 18:46 | Permalink

    Oh I was so upset, I nearly break out in tears.
    10 hours playing … gone…

    But then I’ve found out, that your user.settings is editable, so I restored my real levelprogress.

  2. Henrique
    Posted 02/12/2010 at 02:32 | Permalink

    That is indeed unfortunate, I was one affected by it, funny thing is that I had updated the game before steam did, I just wanted to see the changes faster heh, so I just applied the patch as normal and it worked(it would show version 2.06 on the main menu), but now when I started the game it showed 2.05 again and my saves were gone..

    But that’s ok, at least as far as I’m concerned I like your game so much that I have no problem going through the levels again.

    I hope you guys can find the problem and fix it before the next update.

    Though I think there’s another problem now, steam is not updating it anymore and it still shows version 2.05 on the menu, tried reinstalling it but it didn’t help.

  3. Jeff M
    Posted 02/12/2010 at 06:24 | Permalink

    I, for one, work in the technology sector and understand that things like this happen and I applaud your staff for the handling of this issue. It is truly a regrettable set of circumstances that caused this to happen, but I’m glad that you all are continuing you work on this great game. Keep up the good work and thanks for your time and efforts.

  4. Posted 02/12/2010 at 16:55 | Permalink

    Thanks, it has been a ride so far. We have no staff actually, just Alex and I as we are the core dev team. (Brian does the music). We are actually talkin to Valve about a way to limit the damage, and there may be some possibility that we can limit some of the damage. That is why there is no upgrade on the Steam side right now. :-)

    More news soon!

  5. Posted 02/12/2010 at 22:22 | Permalink

    Some more news here:

  6. Fujilives
    Posted 04/12/2010 at 02:37 | Permalink

    Isn’t there a more efficient way of doing this? Erasing every single steam member’s game saves is annoying as hell. I’ve only opened the game 3 times, two of which the saves were reset – this will be my third time doing the first 10 levels … getting pretty old pretty damned fast.

  7. Railenthe
    Posted 04/12/2010 at 07:56 | Permalink

    The warning is greatly appreciated. Though I just started playing Eufloria recently, and therefore I don’t have a lot of save data to lose, I’m glad that the warning is out there. I’m also glad there will be a way to revert to the slower pace. I kind of like the alternating ‘relaxed just find asteroids and planting on them’ and ‘holy crap this asteroid is occupied’ phases. The gentle art and pace is what sold me on this game in the first place, after all…

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