Eufloria 2.05 released!

There was a problem with the patch that should now have been fixed – if you downloaded th epatch and the game doesn’t work, please try it again now. Also the FTP is a bit broken so I haven’t been able to update the demo installation – that will 404 for the next couple of days I’m afraid. Please bear with us.

Original post:
We’ve released the new update for Eufloria.

Patch for the full game
Patch for the demo

The first big highlight of this update is that we’ve now added Achievements to the game, and these will work with Steam if you got the game there. We’ve given them a good test so they should be fun, and present a variety of different gameplay styles to get your teeth stuck into. Let us know what you think in the forum!

The second major item is that we’ve added our first Community Map Pack. These are some of the best levels that have been made for the game since it was released. It’s really amazing to see what people have been getting up to – congratulations to all the map authors we’ve included. The maps are accessible from the Custom Maps menu and all have their authors attributed so you can see who’s who. There are also many more cool and interesting maps to be found in the user levels forum – go check it out! :)

We also added (and fixed) some really cool modding stuff, so check out the list below and then get stuck in ;)

– Added Achievements.
– Added Community Map Pack 1.

– Added directory support for Custom Maps.
– Added speed records on level selection.
– Lua: Added user interaction Lua calls OnAsteroidSelected(ID), OnMouseLeftClicked(x,y) and OnMouseRightClicked(x,y).
– Lua: Added drawing text from script.
– Lua: GetNumAsteroids() – returns number of asteroids in play.
– Lua: RevealAll() – reveals all asteroids.
– Lua: Asteroid naming (asteroid.Name = “”).
– Lua: Planting flowers from script (flower:Plant, flower:PlantOnRandomTree, flower:PlantOnRandom###Tree).
– Lua: Camera location and zoom query from script (GetCameraX, GetCameraY, GetCameraZoom).
– Lua: Get trees on asteroid from script (asteroid:GetRandomTree, asteroid:GetRandom###Tree).
– Fixed adding and removing asteroids at run time.
– Fixed planting on moving asteroids.
– Fixed enemy laser mines travel distance violation (thanks Maarten).
– Fixed crash bug when enemy AI has no asteroids (thanks Mihhaelo).
– Fixed loading music restarting as the game enters main menu.
– Fixed invisible mines/flowers from Lua setup bug.
– Fixed long root crash.



  1. allen
    Posted 16/07/2010 at 19:44 | Permalink

    Crashes on start up for me :( Even after a full re-install.

  2. Posted 17/07/2010 at 06:46 | Permalink

    Ah sorry guys, please re-download the patch as I made an error with the original one.

  3. matt
    Posted 17/07/2010 at 06:54 | Permalink

    The new patch works like a charm for me (Direct2Drive version).


  4. Jason Archer
    Posted 19/07/2010 at 01:44 | Permalink

    Are you going to be pushing this update to Steam?

  5. Posted 19/07/2010 at 11:15 | Permalink


    Yep, this should be going live on Steam shortly.

  6. Andrew
    Posted 19/07/2010 at 16:44 | Permalink

    Am i the only one with a weird problem with Community Map Pack 1 maps not loading?
    Seems to me that subfolders in \Maps\ directory aren’t being processed correctly…

  7. Posted 19/07/2010 at 17:33 | Permalink

    You are not; this is now fixed, please re-apply the patch. REALLY sorry about that, I messed it up :(

  8. Andrew
    Posted 19/07/2010 at 18:47 | Permalink

    Thanks, it’s fixed now :)

  9. john
    Posted 19/07/2010 at 20:22 | Permalink

    i still cannot get the patch to run…kinda getting frustraing

  10. Posted 19/07/2010 at 20:42 | Permalink

    Sorry about this John… I’ve just tried the patch on a 2.05 install and after applying it the custom levels run OK. Try re-downloading it:

  11. blueskirt
    Posted 21/07/2010 at 07:01 | Permalink

    Congratulations for your latest patch! I really wanted to see the best of community map finding their way into the game, I hope this first community map pack will be the first in a long series of map packs. Having completed all levels of Eufloria long ago, I wasn’t going to dust it up just for achievements, now I know I will!

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Al
    Posted 21/07/2010 at 23:57 | Permalink

    I tried the patch a about a week ago and the game ran but the community maps wouldn’t load, my completion times weren’t being recorded and the achievements weren’t being unlocked. I reinstalled the patch today and still no luck.

  13. Posted 22/07/2010 at 11:11 | Permalink

    Does your game definitely report that it’s version 2.05 in the main menu? Did you definitely download and run the patch and not run an older version of the patch you already downloaded?

  14. Posted 22/07/2010 at 17:25 | Permalink

    My game’s still 2.04, I’m on Steam.

  15. Hal
    Posted 22/07/2010 at 17:28 | Permalink

    I love your game but i was half way through the main game and discovered with terror that my progress was reset since the patch! I updated by Impulse… Is there something I can do?

  16. Posted 23/07/2010 at 12:16 | Permalink

    Hi Hal, sorry about that – no idea why that has happened… if you can let me know what levels you’d got up to then I can send you a new save file – alternatively you can unlock the levels you need to play from the unlock menu.

  17. Hal
    Posted 23/07/2010 at 16:40 | Permalink

    Oh, didn’t see the unlock menu, thanks! :)

  18. Al
    Posted 23/07/2010 at 21:06 | Permalink

    It was 2.05, but I re-downloaded and reinstalled the patch again last night and now I have access to the community maps, but the level times and the achievements still won’t work. I got the game from D2D during their spring drive a few months ago. I update it a couple of times since then and they all worked perfectly until this patch.

  19. ryan
    Posted 28/08/2010 at 23:13 | Permalink

    Hey the patch still will not work for me, the game keeps crashing even after fresh install. What are people doing to get it to work?

  20. ryan
    Posted 28/08/2010 at 23:21 | Permalink

    Hey after another clean sweep and fresh install of the game and the patch from, everything worked on start up.

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