Eufloria version 2.03 released!

We’ve just released version 2.03 of Eufloria.

Patch for the full game
Patch for the demo

The new version should filter through to the Digital Download services over the next few days.

This release should fix the following issues / added features:

– Added screenshots on F9.
– Fixed AI not planting flowers on Dyson trees.
– Fixed seedlings not attacking high-altitude enemies attacking trees.
– Fixed laser mine sending crash
– Asteroids can be moved in script at runtime with asteroid:MoveBy(x,y) and asteroid:MoveTo(x,y) (Cannot be moved out of world bounds)
– Add flowers and mines to asteroids with script commands asteroid:AddFlower(), asteroid:AddFlower(faction) and asteroid:AddMine(), asteroid:AddMine(faction) (returns object created or nil)
– Query number of present flowers, mines with asteroid:GetNumFlowers(faction) and asteroid:GetNumMines(faction)
– Access present flowers, mines with asteroid:GetFlower(faction) and asteroid:GetMine(faction) (may return nil if none present)
– Send flowers and mines with flower:SendTo(asteroid) and mine:SendTo(asteroid)
– Set attributes on any game entity (asteroid, seedling, tree, mine, flower, etc) using SetStrength, SetSpeed, SetEnergy – results are untested and may not work as desired
– Add seedlings of a particular type to any faction on an asteroid with asteroid:AddSeedlings(number, faction, energy, strength, speed) where attributes are from 0.0 to 1.0
– Remove seedlings from asteroids using asteroid:RemoveSeedlings(faction, number) which will remove random seedlings up to amount ‘number’ or the currently present population

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