Dyson wins £200 cash prize

Many thanks to Dan Marshall over at Zombie Cow, who has just declared Dyson the winner of the recent £200 cash giveaway. We were up there with some stiff competition so it’s really wonderful to be considered worthy of the prize.

We’ll be spending the cash on music, subscriptions and fees. This is a real helping hand, so thanks again Dan!


  1. Ben
    Posted 10/08/2008 at 04:19 | Permalink

    That is such good news, this game deserves much recognition! We’re on the edge of our seats for new versions!

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 06/09/2008 at 19:57 | Permalink

    Did you see that amazing wallpaper? Its look very similar to Dyson!

  3. Alex
    Posted 07/09/2008 at 10:31 | Permalink

    That’s nice! Here’s another picture:

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