Monthly Archives: March 2010

Make Something Euflorious!

Dear Friends. The latest release of the game has included some good bug fixes and features, but I want to highlight something I am especially excited about. We already have some pretty cool levels and mods made by fans popping up on the forum, which is great. Lua allows for some funky things to be […]

Eufloria version 2.04 released!

Hot on the heels of version 2.03 we’ve released 2.04, which fixes a bug in the pathfinding of 2.03, and adds drawing from Lua script. If you’re interested in that, see the 2.04 release thread on the forum Here are links to the patches for demo and full game: Patch for the full game Patch […]

Eufloria version 2.03 released!

We’ve just released version 2.03 of Eufloria. Patch for the full game Patch for the demo The new version should filter through to the Digital Download services over the next few days. This release should fix the following issues / added features: – Added screenshots on F9. – Fixed AI not planting flowers on Dyson […]