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Eufloria updated to 2.01

We updated the game to version 2.01. Patch from any version to current version Patch from 2.00 to 2.01 Fixes: Main menu music crackling Custom levels should now work Mythical Chapter 6 on completing all single player levels and Portuguese added as a language option. Sorry for the late post!

Eufloria OST available for pre-order

Milieu has set up a pre-order for hard copies of Eufloria’s wonderful soundtrack. I must say that it was a pleasure working with Brian and I would do so again in a heartbeat. His output is amazing – skilled, efficient, and above all really nice. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a musician! It’s limited […]

Press reactions!

EDIT: Wow, we have been getting some really nice reviews and comments! Here are some amazing quotes: Boing Boing: “it’s truly in a league of its own” Rock Paper Shotgun: “The game is as stylish and as soothing as a this kind of game has ever been” PC Zone on Twitter: “It’s good and you […]

Store live – purchase Eufloria direct from the developers!

Our store is now live, and you can purchase our game direct from us via the lovely folk at BMT Micro. Here’s the store link: We will be integrating this into our site very soon, but it’s like 2.30 in the morning here and I pretty much need to sleep right now. What an […]

3-2-1 we have LIFTOFF!


Demo and teaser trailer released!

Hey guys, We’ve put together a demo of the new version of Eufloria. This offers a part of what’s available in the full game. There have been massive changes to the game since the IGF version of Dyson that is available on this site, so please check it out! Full version coming soon! Get the […]

Official Demo Next Week

Hello all! With the Steam Pre-Order under way as well now (YAY 25% off!) I wanted to emphasize an important point: The Official Demo has not yet been released! I suspect that many people don’t realize that the current demo is the old Independent Games Festival showfloor build. Which is not really representative of the […]

Pre-purchase Eufloria on Steam and get a 25% discount!

Hello everyone, The pre-purchase for Eufloria on Valve’s Steam distribution service is now available. Get 25% off by pre-purchasing before we release the game! Go get it! If you can’t see a purchase link over there right now, drop by the page in an hour or so, and it should have popped up by then. […]


At long last, we have a winner! Alex and I have gone through over 400 names, and there were some very interesting, entertaining, baffling, horrifying, charming, and “almost right” entries out there… However, we feel there is one that stands out for a number of reasons and that is the delightful: “Eufloria” We love the […]