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Time gentlemen, please.

Competition entry is now closed – please give us a few days to go through the entries before we post the results!

The Great Dyson Naming Challenge! PLUS 25% preorder discount!

Right people, big news. I am quoting a press release to give you all the relevant info. (Not because we are pompous, but because it is quicker that way. PRESS RELEASE – 24 September 2009 2009 Independent Games Festival Finalist, Dyson, To Be Renamed By The Public Via Contest on IGN’s Direct2Drive Special 25% off […]

Dyson at Eurogamer Expo 2009 – Indie Games Arcade

  Had I posted this yet? We have been offered a booth at this lovely indie games event and gratefully accepted. The main event will bee pretty cool, as there will be some great games on offer, but the big deal for us is that we wil be showcasing Dyson at the Indie Games Arcade  […]