Monthly Archives: November 2008

Dyson on Bytejacker!

Now this is very nice. Anthony Carboni and co. host a web show dedicated to reviewing and promoting indie games, and the show does it with gusto and a nice professional sheen. It is called BYTEJACKER and I have embedded the current episode at the top of this post. They genuinely love games and review […]

Linux version required packages

Oops! We messed up and the Linux README did not include the packages required to run the game. If you downloaded the Linux version and don’t know what packages to install, these should be the ones you need: mono libmono-i18n (and perhaps other basic mono stuff) libgdiplus libsdl libsdl-gfx libsdl-mixer libsdl-image libvorbis libpng Please let […]

Dyson screenshots, November 2008

New Dyson Version out now!

DOWNLOAD DYSON v1.08 Alex, Brian and myself have been hard at work to finish a new version of Dyson for the Independent Games Festival (IGF), and we are very pleased with the huge amount of progress we made. It is chockablock full of new content and improvements so we decided this is a good time […]