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Eufloria HD and Deluxe Edition on Windows, OSX and Linux

We’re proud to announce Eufloria HD and Eufloria HD Deluxe Edition of Eufloria HD on Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. They were a long time coming due to many distractions, illnesses and family expansions, but you can buy them here now! All of you who bought the original Eufloria direct from ourselves or Steam are […]

Win Win Win for Eufloria HD!

A few months ago we submitted Eufloria HD for something called the Big Chip Awards. They are the main UK awards for digital agencies outside London and are hotly contested. They had a (best use of) games category so we decided to have a go. We were allowed to enter two categories so also entered […]

The Bitcoin Bundle

So now you can buy Eufloria with Bitcoins, and more besides! The Bitcoin Bundle: Top indie developers support Bitcoins Pay What You Want in Bitcoins for hit indie games Eufloria HD, World of Goo, And Yet It Moves, and Spirits. Thursday 16th May 2013: The Bitcoin Bundle launched today, allowing Bitcoin users to pay whatever […]

Buy Eufloria HD with Bitcoins

It seems Bitcoin has been getting some more publicity recently. I’m a bit of a fan so I suggested to Rudolf that we accept Bitcoins. We’re considering how to go about this if other people think it a good idea. In the mean time, if anyone does want to have the Eufloria HD beta on […]

BlackBerry 10 and Innovation Nomination

While we’re hard at work on Eufloria Adventures, we have two bits of news for you. Firstly, Eufloria HD received a nomination for Most Innovative Game in the Best App Ever awards 2013. This adds to our growing nomination list which keeps putting a smile on our faces. Thanks to all of you for playing. […]

Eufloria HD on Google Play for Android Phones & Tablets

We’re really pleased to announce that Eufloria HD is now officially out on Google Play for Android. Even better, Android has received the first ever Eufloria HD Demo so you can try before you buy! This is not the end for Eufloria HD. We have more plans next year, as you can see on our […]

Apple’s iPad Game of 2012: Eufloria HD (Runner Up)

Apple have just announced their Best of 2012. To our great surprise and eternal thanks, Eufloria HD is their iPad Game of 2012 Runner Up / Hidden Gem. Look!

BlackBerry PlayBook gets Eufloria HD

Thanks to the amazing Jayeson Lee-Steere at Titanium Studios, we’ve brought Eufloria HD to the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve done our best to optimise the game for PlayBook owners and we think it plays beautifully. We also want to thank RIM themselves for providing their support and devices. You can find it on the BlackBerry App […]

Euflorium – The Eufloria Community

Eufloria has always had a cult following and active community. The original game was frequently modded, and some people have even tried modding the iOS version. This week we’ve completely revamped the forum, upgraded the software, and added discussion boards for other titles the various Eufloria crew are working on. Take a look, visit Euflorium. We’ve […]

Be Humble!

It’s here! The new Humble Indie Bundle Android is packed with amazing games, including our little wondrous game Eufloria. This one is special as it also contains pre-releases of Eufloria HD for PC, Mac and Linux. Some superb OSTs as well.   Have a look at the video:   Here is what the HIB site says: Six […]