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Demo and teaser trailer released!

Hey guys, We’ve put together a demo of the new version of Eufloria. This offers a part of what’s available in the full game. There have been massive changes to the game since the IGF version of Dyson that is available on this site, so please check it out! Full version coming soon! Get the […]

Pre-purchase Eufloria on Steam and get a 25% discount!

Hello everyone, The pre-purchase for Eufloria on Valve’s Steam distribution service is now available. Get 25% off by pre-purchasing before we release the game! Go get it! If you can’t see a purchase link over there right now, drop by the page in an hour or so, and it should have popped up by then. […]

Time gentlemen, please.

Competition entry is now closed – please give us a few days to go through the entries before we post the results!

The Great Dyson Naming Challenge! PLUS 25% preorder discount!

Right people, big news. I am quoting a press release to give you all the relevant info. (Not because we are pompous, but because it is quicker that way. PRESS RELEASE – 24 September 2009 2009 Independent Games Festival Finalist, Dyson, To Be Renamed By The Public Via Contest on IGN’s Direct2Drive Special 25% off […]

Update to the 1.20 Linux version

Hey all, just a quick note to say that the linux version (direct link; download page; just the patch files) has been updated to hopefully be a bit less pernickity about what libraries it wants… do let us know if it’s easier/harder to get it working than before. I also update the download instructions (specifically, […]

Information Overload

Hello all, Somebody recently asked us to start a Dyson Facebook page, which I dutifully set up and is quietly starting to attract a friendly crowd of people. However, I just realized that we didn’t tell anybody about this, or indeed some of the other ways to get news about Dyson. So, for those who […]

On release dates, features and other things

Dear Friends, As some of you have already noticed we have decided to publish the game later than the hoped-for July release, and will now release the game in the Fall. After some serious thought we decided this was the best course of action due to a number of factors, all to do with providing […]

Dyson 1.20 released

We released version 1.20. Get it today!

Dyson shop opens.

Hello all. The subject of t-shirts and merchandise keeps getting raised, so we decided to experiment with an online shop selling Dyson-themed apparel. We are not doing this to try to cash in, but mostly because there seems to be a demand for it, so we have only added a few bucks on top of […]

What Happened? :-)

How did we get here? Within a few days Alex and myself will be on our way to San Francisco on our way to what I can only describe as a “Dream come true” event. One moment we are entering a purely quality motivated small and fun competition, and a few months later we suddenly […]