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Time gentlemen, please.

Competition entry is now closed – please give us a few days to go through the entries before we post the results!

The Great Dyson Naming Challenge! PLUS 25% preorder discount!

Right people, big news. I am quoting a press release to give you all the relevant info. (Not because we are pompous, but because it is quicker that way. PRESS RELEASE – 24 September 2009 2009 Independent Games Festival Finalist, Dyson, To Be Renamed By The Public Via Contest on IGN’s Direct2Drive Special 25% off […]

What Happened? :-)

How did we get here? Within a few days Alex and myself will be on our way to San Francisco on our way to what I can only describe as a “Dream come true” event. One moment we are entering a purely quality motivated small and fun competition, and a few months later we suddenly […]

Dyson 1.10 released!

Hello everyone, DOWNLOAD DYSON v1.10 We released version 1.10 of Dyson! It is the public demo that will also be made available at the IGF site for the Audience Award. This version contains new music from Brian, which is really superb. We love it. We think the new version is worth the download purely for […]

Dyson nabs Bytejacker "Free indie of the year" 2nd spot!

The Bytejacker crew organised a vote for their viewers to determine which free indie of 2008 they liked most and we were more than happy to find ourself skyhigh with Dyson nabbing the 2nd spot! You should go have a look at the countdown, check out all the great games, and see if you can […]

Dyson nominated for the IGF Grand Prize; TunaSnax interview up

We’re going to the IGF. We’re going to the IGF! That news is still sinking in. But there it is: Dyson is a finalist for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. We’re really pleased, and personally I’m pretty daunted and mildly surprised! But it’s great to have Dyson acknowledged in this way, it’s an honour to […]

Dyson on Bytejacker!

Now this is very nice. Anthony Carboni and co. host a web show dedicated to reviewing and promoting indie games, and the show does it with gusto and a nice professional sheen. It is called BYTEJACKER and I have embedded the current episode at the top of this post. They genuinely love games and review […]

Dyson wins £200 cash prize

Many thanks to Dan Marshall over at Zombie Cow, who has just declared Dyson the winner of the recent £200 cash giveaway. We were up there with some stiff competition so it’s really wonderful to be considered worthy of the prize. We’ll be spending the cash on music, subscriptions and fees. This is a real […]

Competition results: Dyson awarded second place

Voting is over! We came second place in the competition by a mere 4 votes. Needless to say we are very pleased and would like to thank everyone who voted for us. We are really happy that people are enjoying Dyson.