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Indie Love Bundle Part II

Good news everyone! The amazingly cool indie love bundle we participated in a while back has RETURNED! Not only does it have a new bundle with awesome games, it also has the previous bundle with Eufloria, and a MEGA BUNDLE that combines the old and new bundle with a spectacular discount. That means 12 (TWELVE) […]

Make Something Euflorious!

Dear Friends. The latest release of the game has included some good bug fixes and features, but I want to highlight something I am especially excited about. We already have some pretty cool levels and mods made by fans popping up on the forum, which is great. Lua allows for some funky things to be […]

Early Christmas Present – Dyson 1.03 Download

Hello all, We are in a festive mood so decided to give out a little present for fans of the game. As some of you know Eufloria first started out as a TigSource contest entry, and has been developed and improved and tinkered with ever since over a period of about 18 months. Originally it […]

Press reactions!

EDIT: Wow, we have been getting some really nice reviews and comments! Here are some amazing quotes: Boing Boing: “it’s truly in a league of its own” Rock Paper Shotgun: “The game is as stylish and as soothing as a this kind of game has ever been” PC Zone on Twitter: “It’s good and you […]

3-2-1 we have LIFTOFF!


Official Demo Next Week

Hello all! With the Steam Pre-Order under way as well now (YAY 25% off!) I wanted to emphasize an important point: The Official Demo has not yet been released! I suspect that many people don’t realize that the current demo is the old Independent Games Festival showfloor build. Which is not really representative of the […]


At long last, we have a winner! Alex and I have gone through over 400 names, and there were some very interesting, entertaining, baffling, horrifying, charming, and “almost right” entries out there… However, we feel there is one that stands out for a number of reasons and that is the delightful: “Eufloria” We love the […]

The Great Dyson Naming Challenge! PLUS 25% preorder discount!

Right people, big news. I am quoting a press release to give you all the relevant info. (Not because we are pompous, but because it is quicker that way. PRESS RELEASE – 24 September 2009 2009 Independent Games Festival Finalist, Dyson, To Be Renamed By The Public Via Contest on IGN’s Direct2Drive Special 25% off […]

Dyson at Eurogamer Expo 2009 – Indie Games Arcade

  Had I posted this yet? We have been offered a booth at this lovely indie games event and gratefully accepted. The main event will bee pretty cool, as there will be some great games on offer, but the big deal for us is that we wil be showcasing Dyson at the Indie Games Arcade  […]

Optimus Beta!

UPDATE II We have enough testers for now, sorry for those we can’t accomodate, and many thanks for all who have sent in an application. If we need addititional testers we will pick from the many people whose emails we have received but could not include in the Beta. The response was very good, my inbox […]