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Eufloria Adventures Debuts on PlayStation Mobile

Hello friends! It took a while, but our little spinoff game is finally finished, and out on PlayStation Mobile today and tomorrow in the US/EU (plus rest of the world) HURRAH! Here is an edited snippet from the official Sony blog post: Xenon 2 meets Eufloria! Transcendence meets Flower! Errr… to be honest our new […]

Eufloria HD on PlayStation Vita

The official announcement is here! This is what I posted on the Sony blog: Vita loves Eufloria HD by Rudolf Kremers, Creative Director , Omni Systems Limited     Hello Friends! Eufloria HD for PlayStation Vita is coming out very soon. To be precise: Dec 17th in the USA and Dec 18th in the EU. […]

Be Humble!

It’s here! The new Humble Indie Bundle Android is packed with amazing games, including our little wondrous game Eufloria. This one is special as it also contains pre-releases of Eufloria HD for PC, Mac and Linux. Some superb OSTs as well.   Have a look at the video:   Here is what the HIB site says: Six […]

Eufloria iPhone and Universal Build Out Now!

The news iPhone and iPad 3 owners have been waiting for – not one but two new versions of Eufloria out today! Not only can you now play on your iPhone,  iPad 3 owners now get to experience Eufloria with Retina support! We’ve added many other features too, including the much requested in-session save so […]

The Eufloria HD – DAILY GIVEAWAY – Part 3

What’s It All About Then!? Eufloria is an incredibly accessible strategy and exploration game; Explore and conquer asteroids in space with huge colonies of flowers. Easy. Yet, that does not tell you much about the game at all really, beyond the superficial. Eufloria and its inspirations are not that easy to explain in depth. Abstract […]

The Eufloria HD – DAILY GIVEAWAY – Part 2

All Hail the Mighty Milieu! One of the key ingredients of Eufloria is its wonderful soundtrack. Our friend and genius composer Brian Grainger, working under his moniker “Milieu” has created an aural experience that is so intertwined with the game that we recently received an audio award for it. Do yourself a favour and check […]

The Eufloria HD – DAILY GIVEAWAY – Part 1

Time to give things away! (No seriously…) To celebrate the upcoming release of Eufloria HD on the AppStore we decided to start giving away little Eufloria related tokens of appreciation. We have had so much feedback and help and wonderful emails and mods and general good stuff that it would be fun to reciprocate in […]

Ready to Launch!

Well almost. In February 2012 that is. We are nearly done creating an iPad release of Eufloria that is as good as we can make it. Tunatech and Team Eufloria are applying some final polish, a few more tweaks, a nip here, a tuck there… Either way, the iPad release is imminent. Imminent enough to […]

BIG update time.

Been ages hasn’t it? Oh dear.. the date on the last blog entry can’t be right can it? Surely we posted something more recently? Look! Over there! Puppies! Ok, so it has been tooooo long, so I decided to write a MEGA UPDATE. Here are some of the things that have been going on: PSN […]

Eufloria for iDevices and Mac

(NOT A REAL IMAGE)   Dear friends, at long last we have found a development partner for the iPhone/Pad/Mac version of Eufloria that so many of you have been asking about. The wonderful people at Tuna will be doing the porting dance. To quote the press release that we are sending out: Omni Systems Ltd. […]