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Eufloria celebrates SavyGamer’s 5th anniversary with sale

Hi all! is 5 today and we’re helping them celebrate this by discounting Eufloria for a week. Use the code “SAVYGAMER5″ to get 75% off the game. Why not buy it for a friend? We have also discounted the iPad version of the game, so if you’re interested in that, please follow this link!

Eufloria Crash Fix and Update

Eufloria 1.01 is on the App Store. Fixes: L8 and L18 difficulty addressed Relaxed mode was too slow on some levels making them difficult; now fixed Note that this fix resets the App Store reviews so please can you re-review the game if you’re reading this and would like to support us. For any of […]

Eufloria HD for iPad is out now!

Hi everyone! Great news – Eufloria HD is now live on the App Store! That link may not work until the game goes live on the store in your region. We’ve scheduled this post for the time when it goes live in the UK – if you’re West of us, it may take a few […]

Eufloria is out now! Only on PSN! Plus: Japanese PC version!

Hi everyone! Eufloria has now been released on the PlayStation Network. Get it now from the PlayStation Store. We updated the game for the port and the only place you can get the new stuff is on the PS3. Definitely check it out Some nice reviews: PSNStores: Eufloria is exactly what happens when you get […]

Info blurt! PS3 version coming soon! Press release!

Hey guys! PlayStation Network Eufloria for PS3 is coming out this week! We are very excited to see what you all think. It will release on the 4th Oct 2011 in the US and on the 5th in the EU. THAT’S TOMORROW YOU GUYS! If you’re interested in reviewing Eufloria and would like a promo […]

Eufloria 2.07 released, update on Steam situation

Hi all, We’ve released a new version of Eufloria today – the only change is that you can now select which type of game you prefer – the old style, which is a calmer, more zen experience, or the new settings for players who find the old way to be too slow and plodding. Get […]

Lost save progress after 2.06 update on Steam

On Monday, an irrevocable error was introduced into the Steam version of Eufloria which means that everyone who downloaded the game via that platform will have their saved level progress deleted when they next update. The update will be delivered via Steam automatically, in most cases, as that is the default option in the Steam […]

Eufloria 2.06 released!

Hi all, we’ve just released a new update for Eufloria that should address some of the concerns people have had. We feel the game plays much better now and urge everyone to download the patch and have another go Patch for the full game Patch for the demo Here’s the changelist: – Updated the gameplay […]

Eufloria 2.05 released!

Update: There was a problem with the patch that should now have been fixed – if you downloaded th epatch and the game doesn’t work, please try it again now. Also the FTP is a bit broken so I haven’t been able to update the demo installation – that will 404 for the next couple […]

Indie 4 lyfe. Eufloria PSN-bound!

We take great pleasure in announcing that Eufloria will be coming to the PlayStation Network in early 2011! I’ve just QUIT MY JOB, which means I can now spend 24 hours a day (or a more reasonable approximation) working on Eufloria. Rudolf, Brian and I have also begun development on a reboot of the game, […]