Eufloria Crash Fix and Update

Eufloria 1.01 is on the App Store. Fixes:

  • L8 and L18 difficulty addressed
  • Relaxed mode was too slow on some levels making them difficult; now fixed

Note that this fix resets the App Store reviews so please can you re-review the game if you’re reading this and would like to support us.

For any of you having problems with Eufloria crashing on iPad 1, it’s related to iOS kicking out the app due to memory constraints. In particular, iOS 5 notifications can cause crashes if your iPad’s memory has become fragmented or lost somehow.

To fix:

  • Reset iPad – This has worked for everyone who has reported an issue and lasts multiple runs
  • Kill Other Apps – In general, try and kill other apps before running Euforia

We know a few of you have requested in-level saves but this helps mitigate problems caused by that. We will be looking at implementing an in-level save but it’s technically problematic which is why it isn’t in already. I can’t promise this will be implemented, only that we’ll do our best!

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  1. Ben Bon
    Posted 13/04/2012 at 16:15 | Permalink

    Can we have this game for android i have it on my pc but i want it on my tablet

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