Dyson at Eurogamer Expo 2009 – Indie Games Arcade


Expo 2009

Had I posted this yet?
We have been offered a booth at this lovely indie games event and gratefully accepted. The main event will bee pretty cool, as there will be some great games on offer, but the big deal for us is that we wil be showcasing Dyson at the Indie Games Arcade 

Indie Arcade

which is a real opportunity to show Dyson to loads of people and to meet some of our fans. Please drop in if you can! I suspect it will be loads of fun!



  1. José
    Posted 22/09/2009 at 10:09 | Permalink

    This game is getting better and better playing it, it took me some time though:-).

  2. Ians
    Posted 24/09/2009 at 13:43 | Permalink

    From the picture it seems you have a new “darkness mode”? Either way, it has been fun watching dyson as it approached this stage from the tigsource compo. Gratz on all fronts guys.

  3. Ians
    Posted 24/09/2009 at 13:43 | Permalink

    oops wrong post XP

  4. Posted 26/09/2009 at 10:01 | Permalink

    And where is Linux version? Why I cannot buy Linux version? Is to hard to made it?

  5. Alex
    Posted 28/09/2009 at 18:52 | Permalink

    Hi Offoffoff, we are not releasing a Linux version concurrently with the Windows version. It’s effort enough getting the one version out and stuff’s been added that makes it a bit harder to get off the ground. We also wanted to make it a proper release and not just a zipped up Windows version – please be patient and we will try to do the job properly when we have time.

  6. tcurl
    Posted 14/10/2009 at 08:40 | Permalink

    this game is hectic
    hi rudolf
    when is the relece

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