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Eufloria 2.07 released, update on Steam situation

Hi all, We’ve released a new version of Eufloria today – the only change is that you can now select which type of game you prefer – the old style, which is a calmer, more zen experience, or the new settings for players who find the old way to be too slow and plodding. Get […]

Lost save progress after 2.06 update on Steam

On Monday, an irrevocable error was introduced into the Steam version of Eufloria which means that everyone who downloaded the game via that platform will have their saved level progress deleted when they next update. The update will be delivered via Steam automatically, in most cases, as that is the default option in the Steam […]

Eufloria 2.06 released!

Hi all, we’ve just released a new update for Eufloria that should address some of the concerns people have had. We feel the game plays much better now and urge everyone to download the patch and have another go Patch for the full game Patch for the demo Here’s the changelist: – Updated the gameplay […]

Eufloria for iDevices and Mac

(NOT A REAL IMAGE)   Dear friends, at long last we have found a development partner for the iPhone/Pad/Mac version of Eufloria that so many of you have been asking about. The wonderful people at Tuna will be doing the porting dance. To quote the press release that we are sending out: Omni Systems Ltd. […]

Indie Love Bundle Part II

Good news everyone! The amazingly cool indie love bundle we participated in a while back has RETURNED! Not only does it have a new bundle with awesome games, it also has the previous bundle with Eufloria, and a MEGA BUNDLE that combines the old and new bundle with a spectacular discount. That means 12 (TWELVE) […]

Eufloria 2.05 released!

Update: There was a problem with the patch that should now have been fixed – if you downloaded th epatch and the game doesn’t work, please try it again now. Also the FTP is a bit broken so I haven’t been able to update the demo installation – that will 404 for the next couple […]

Make Something Euflorious!

Dear Friends. The latest release of the game has included some good bug fixes and features, but I want to highlight something I am especially excited about. We already have some pretty cool levels and mods made by fans popping up on the forum, which is great. Lua allows for some funky things to be […]

The Indie Love Bundle sale!

This Valentine’s Day a few of us indies have banded together to spread the love and offer an amazing deal: Get Eufloria along with Auditorium, Osmos, Machinarium, Aztaka and And Yet It Moves for the low price of $20! This represents a saving of over $60 if you bought the games separately. It’s a great […]

Sale over!

Just a quick note to confirm that the sale is indeed over now. Also if you sent us an email that wasn’t answered over the last two weeks, I will be trying to catch up on them now I will also be back on the forums. Alex

Holiday sale – 50% off!

Hey everyone! It IS the season to be jolly so we’re joining in the festivities with a 50% discount on Eufloria until the new year. Get it while you can! We’re also having promotions and deals on various other networks so check with your favourite provider if you prefer them to us Go to the […]